Produced for live use, and for the film and television industry. Our gas operated gunfire simulators
have proven to be the safe and cost effective way to produce gunfire effects without the use of live or blank
ammunition or other explosive materials.

We can produce units from light machine gun sizes to large field guns / ships guns and all sizes in between.
The electronics and control gear is designed and manufactured here in the U.K. by OES, and we can produce
custom systems to meet the varying needs of our customers.

The fuel source for our simulators is LPG and oxygen. This is kept safely in seperate cylinders, and is
injected into the combustion chamber just before ignition. Using this method, there are no explosive substances
or gas mixes left unsupervised, liable to cause a hazard for the actors / performers. For vehicle systems we offer a
gas-purge system to clear these gasses from the firing chamber for added safety.

For our battlefield simulation units, Remote radio control is available. Single units. or selected groups can
be activated using our own digitally encrypted control system.

We can also supply the more usual explosive pyrotechnic devices, and screening smoke as required.
these too can be remote-triggered using our encrypted control systems. for more information please
e-mail or call. tb @ 07947_362_034