A is for.. An Explanation...

You may think that this is just another weirdo anarchist website.
Well, that got you here. But there is far more than that in Harry's plarground.

For a start let's just clear something up. For many years the term ANARCHIST / ANARCHISM
has been mis-used. by politicians, police, the media. In films and in print. so let's try to get
ir right for a change! It seems that many people seem to think that anarchism is akin to killing
bomb-making, blowing up parliament and police stations, Killing the queen and royal family etc.
If you take the popular mis-conception and believe the misguided-media stereotype, or spend your
life listening to and believing the words of the sex pistols Lyddon's songs, then this may be
the case. And you would be wrong. Anarchism isn't killing and blowing things up. Not destroying
passers-by. That it more like terrorism! Nor is it the belief in nothing, no system, no rules,
that is Nihilism and an equally selfish persuit. ANARCHY / ANARCHISM is the belief in a system of
life without the constraints and rigidity of laws and governments being forced on us.

The law-makers of the land seem to think that producing an infinite amount of laws, and employing
many thousands of bullying bastard-police thugs to enforce them is the way to a better society.
It isn't. It works like this. Laws are made and the criminals ignore them. Someone gets shot so the
innocent are banned from keeping firearms. yet the criminals still buy them and use them against us
now in the knowledge that we will be less well armed and an easier target for their attack. There is
a stabbing and knives too are not allowed to be openly carried. yet the criminals who's job it is to
ignore all those laws that they don't like, still carry them and knife-crime continues to rise. A few
people drive too fast and endanger others so all of the innocent people, and those who also drive are
punished as we have to pay for, and then endure mile-after-mile of painful damaging speed-humps.
These are just a tiny number of examples. Criminals are in the business of being law-breakers.
A system based on mutual respect and common-sense is a far better way to live in a calmer less
top-heavy society. Yes royalty is a farce and should be abolished. All of the property returned
to the people of this land. Police should remember who they work for. And that in our society
WE ARE ALL THE POLICE. We all bear the responsibility of guiding our family and those around us,
not by vicious punishments, massive un-reasonable fines and similar punishments handed-out
by people who place themselves above us, But on a far more personal-level. from our own peer-group.

Do I think thar all property is theft? NO, I believe that as you go through your life you gather the
things with you that you like and that you need to survive, and that these are yours for your life and
they pass to your family or community. There are however abusers in the system. Like the people who
have many properties and live by sponging the hard-fought earnings from those least-able to afford it
just for a place to live. one person/family. One property. When you die it passes on to family, friends
or the community.

Do I think that all royalty should be killed, The government should be smashed-up. Parliament-bombed,
churches flattened priests and clergy hung from their own crosses, brain-dead police hacked-to death
in the streets or killed in their sleep.. No, Not really. I think very much that the system needs
to be radically changed. I think that the system of govenment needs massive reform and to be rescued
from the incompetent grasp of the moneygrabbing fuckturds who seem to put their life into politics.
I believe that the majority ofjudges should be disposed off and that the dealing with of those who
abuse the simpler control-system should be done by those who are the victims of the abuser. I think
all police, every one of them should be made un-employed and attempt to re-join the human-race, For,
as I said earlier WE ARE ALL THE POLICE IN THIS SOCIETY, presantly we merely give the current police
our consent to do this work on our behalf. They are abusing our trust in them. THEY NEED TO GO NOW.

Knowledge is power, and just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should do it. There
are parts of this website, both open and hidden. and places that this site links to that explain amongst
so many other things, the making of bombs explosives and the use of firearms. Communications jamming and
interception. This is free knowledge. If any person says it shouldn't be allowed, or tries to restrict
the circulation of this or any other information then they are your enemy do not trust them, as they wish
to control you, and to change the way that you live your life.

This website is more espionage / industrial and otherwise.  crypto and analysis.
Radio use and abuse, including encrypted, frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum, 
jamming, vehicle tracking, countermeasures, bugging/de-bugging. Locks keys and 
other security devices.  Firearms / manuals. explosives / pyrotechnic devices, 
triggering systems using radio / gsm / mobile telephone/ HF / VHF / UHF

The basic information is in plaintext, the rest is hidden or linked/referanced 
you'll need to do some work to find it, and I doubt if anyone will find it all. 
Especially not if you copy the page and it's links, it's not obvious.

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