B is for... BANG!.

(c)2001-2015 Sarah B / Planet-Tharg

This is a dont-try-this-at-home section. Just a few ideas gathered together
all about making home-made explosives and other things that are pyro-related


An exothermic reaction. with aluminium-powder, and Iron.
This is a fun experiment. Best to do it outside though or you will
rather quickly burn a nice hole through the floor, Even if it's concrete!

You will need aluminium powder. You can either buy this or just get out your
angle-grinder and finely grind-up some aluminium.

Rusted iron, either make this by getting some bags of wire wool and allowing it
to rust or buy yourself an old ford car, give it a kick, and collect what falls off.

a short length of Magnesium tape to use as a fuse.

A suitable container. Somthing like an old paint-tin.

Simply pack the tin with the mixture of fine aluminium and ground-up rust. 1 part aly to
around 2 1/4 rust. Make a hole of about 1/2 inch diameter in the lid and stick the magnesium
tape down into the mix. Pop on the lid with the other end of the magnesium tape out of the
top about 2 inches. Put a piece of tape over to seal it up so all of the chemistry doesn't
fall out but you can still get to the magnesium tape fuse. In this state, it can be stored
until you are ready to use it.

Place it on the bonnet of your neighbour's new jaguar and light the magnesium tape with a
blow-torch. Settle down with a glass of wine and wait until it burns it's way through the
engine-block to the road underneath. (and then to the core of the earth).


Great or opening up the sides of nuclear fallout shelters.
You will need the following.....

Oxygen. get a home welding oxygen bottle and regulator from your local DIY
store or order it on-line.

length of thin wall steel or iron pipe. about 3/4 inch internal diameter.
A reel of aluminium wire. 1mm to 2mm is good. Iron wire of the same diameter too is also needed.

With a 3 foot piece of tube. Cut your wire into lengths. you will need to have
a little experimentation with the iron to ally mix. But a good place to start
is 3 aluminium wires to about 5 of iron. Pack these into the length of thin-wall
tube. make sure they are nice and tight in there. you need just enough space between
the aluminium and iron wires to allow oxygen through.

To end of your thermic-lance you attach the oxy bottle and regulator. If you don't have
a proper end-cap / hose adaptor improvise with cork/epoxy-resin/gaffer-tape.

low/mid oxy presures are OK. And you will probably need a blow-torch or a magnesium taper
to get it going. Once it's lit. Be careful not to get caught while you are burning your
way into your local bank-vault.


A great way to start a barbeque. But another for the garden rather than the kitchen.
you will need the following....

polystyrene packaging I prefer the small irritating chippings.
high-octane petrol I use 98 or 99 octane in my motorbike. so have plenty of this around.
glass or plastic bottles.Plastic if planting and lighting. Glass if thrown.
visco fuse or cord soaked in petrol. Visco fuse can be bought openly in the UK
from pyrotechnic suppliers. but fuel-soaked cord or rag is easier.

Get a bucket. half fill it with the small polystyrene packing pieces. Then add about a
pint of petrol to start. mix it up with a wooden stick. Add more fuel to the mix and
keep stiring. You are looking to make a thick oily goo.

when you have a bucket of goo. Pour it into the bottles. If you are using glass, allow
enough room for a petrol-soaked-rag at the top. or visco-fuse pushed into the goo sealed
with paper and tape. In a plastic bottle use the screw on cap with a hole in the top.

In use. with a glass bottle. Light the fuse and throw it at the target. The bottle
will break and the oily goo will hold the flames on the target. This is far more
effective than just a bottle of petrol as the fire caused by petrol alone soon dies
away and is less intense and easier to extinguish


A good way of getting rid of moles. I don't really mean the ones who have worked
their way into your organisation to report your activities to the police. But
the cute small furry animals that make holes in your garden,. Honest Guv...

You will need the following.....

Bleach. Type containing Sodium hypochlorite NaClO.
Drain-cleaner. Type containing Hydrochloric acid HCl. (some are sulphuric acid H2SO4).

Mix them together and get the hell out of there. This stuff is nasty. it burns causes
suffocation and choking. Please don't do this unless the third world war has started....

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