C is for... Computers, (various topics).

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The Sun Microsystems Enterprise 10000 server

enterprise 10000 multi-processor server from sun. known as the E10K, or starfire.
it stands about six foot tall and was the server to have in the 1990s. Some companies
were raided for the processors and memory at gunpoint, that's how expensive these
systems were! Now you can buy one for a thousand. And they are worth more for gold-scrap

My current desktop PC is a quad-processor system with loads of ram and will give one
of these a good race!. And use a fraction of the power too! Where systems like this win
is the "width" instead of the "speed".They have impressive interfaces, and fast discs, loads
of processors each able to do seperate tasks, also DMA and cache all over the place.
On top of all that, they run what is probably the best OS in the world UNIX (solaris).

Operating systems.

I started my (desk-top) computer life with 8080 and Z80 processors running cp/m, and briefly played with
mp/m, cpm86, concurrent dos, isis, and rt11 before going to ms/dos. Even when I had my first PC running
DOS I still had a DEC Mate II a rainbow a DEC Mate III and a cp/m system. I was using my Intel IPDS
running ISIS until it died in 2007. And I still have a prime EXL running it's original unix in the office.

Then later on a windows 3.11 system, and two Sun SparcStation IPC machines running SunOS 4.1.1 with/without
openview/openwin. And at the same time a microvax II running VMS, and two Hewlett-Packard HP-UX systems.

Then in the WIN95/98 era, Linux on a pc, SparcStation 1 and SparcStation 2. Solaris on various SparcStation
4/5/10/20 systems, NetBSD OpenBSD on MicroVAX 3100 / Sun SparcStation systems.

now it's 2015.
At the moment I have three eeePC machines running as fanless servers.an asterisk server with loads of lines
a file/print server, and a link to remote-site.Then there are the 10 sun ultra systems running solaris/BSD although
these will go soon. I have a Win7 PC(the "compatibility machine") sitting on the electronics workshop bench. Then
the 3 HP proliant servers running ubuntu, and a dual-boot lappie with ubuntu and win7 for compatibility issues.

More about the operating systems will arrive here soon, or you can visit www.qq22.net and click on qq22
to read more about the computers I've used over the past 30 years.

Back in 2008 I said on an earlier version of this page that I was rather pleasently supprised when I was at
Gatwick airport and went to went to look at some laptopsin the shop there. Amongst them was pocket sized
linux/KDE system I gnd got chatting to a 50-something year old lady came over and said "they're good! I've got one"
Then a chap in his late 40's came over, he had one too and uses it when he is away from home.
well, I now am that 50 year old and I'm using linux even more.

I have been using linux on-and-off for the past 17 years, Back then it was just a free-OS with some useable
programs, felt like unix, and you needed to be GeeK++ just to get it installed on your system successfully.
When a few more applications were written/ported to linux it became a little more acceptable to talk about it
in public as long as you did it wearing your anorak. Even a few years ago I was considered to be a bit of a nut
by those around me for running this odd operating system, and not towing the microsoft/windows/office line. Now,
I feel almost normal, people older than me are doing it too!

If it carries on like this I'll have to go back to using cp/m on a dumb green-screen terminal over an RS232 cable,
and give up e-mail in favour of leaving messages on a BBS with a 1200 baud modem. Or if all else fails, I'll dig
out the teletype, the 20mA current-loop converter,the accoustic coupler and a 706 dial-telephone..
now, there's some retro for you!

Apple Computers...

The best part of a newer apple computer is the badge.
My thoughts to Alan Turing....

I have a fond part inside me that kind-of likes the
older apple systems. Those with 68k cpu's

A friend of mine was looking for a laptop and called in
to the local PC-World. Wanting to stay with XP for
software compatibility with colleagues, and as the external
disc drive units, and some of our other hardware
does not work with, or is not supported by vista, She asked
what they had in stock. NOTHING! That was 2009.
well She now runs three ubuntu machines and a windows 7 PC
for software compatibility problems. Being
a teacher / tutor. everyone taught by her now gets an early
introduction to linux / ubuntu and if they want it
a free DVD install-kit for the operating system and utilities. Go suck on that one Microsoft!

If you have a requirement for compatability with existing hardware or software, then, you may be stuck with win7
but try to avoid the latest versions of windows. They are a hacker's prime target.
Better still try to AVOID MICROSOFT COMPLETELY. and encourage oters around you to avoid microsoft too.