F is for FUN..

FUN. Without it, life would be, pointless....

Well that's what a wise old lady said anyway, and she's right! I try not to do things I don't enjoy,
life's already way too bloody short to piss about wasting your valuable time on those people,
employers, customers, etc... who don't or won't appreciate your efforts. If they piss you about
tell them to get stuffed! You are worth everything, and your life is your most valuable resource,
closely followed by, but not to be restricted by, your health. If you must sell your time for money,
make damn sure you get a good price, you can't replace it! Try to avoid trade unions at all costs,
they are parasitic groups of scumbags. if you have a problem with your employer don't talk, leave
and find another. I have told a good few employers I'm leaving and have never looked back
or regretted one day. Just remember. The hands only go one-way around the dial, every second of
each minute of each day, once passed, cannot be recovered. and become either money memories, or fun!

I have wasted and cannot remember whole years, I am not wealthy, but I've had some fun, I think...

(c)2009-2015 Sarah Bluck / Planet-Tharg