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Rant-Mode, and a bit of politics for you...

There are way too many of these in the wrong hands, Let's face it, if they are treated with respect
and handled safely they are a useful tool, and if you are a meat-eater can provide you with food.
They can be a source of fun, and relaxation if you shoot at targets, be it on a range at your local club,
or on your own property. I have done loads of target-shooting over the past 30+years. You don't have
to shoot people or animals to be a good shot, and in my experiance (Here in the UK) most shooters are
just normal people. (I come from a background of rural life, so I'm a little biased)

Saying that, there are plenty of total muppets with firearms certificates out there giving as all a bad name
by shooting the shit out of anything that moves! these irresponsible tossers should get a new hobby!

The gangland culture, and inner-city delinquents are being shown on your TeeVee. The news-media loves
to scare us all. and are just stirring the soup with thier shite covered Mic'! They are making us good
honest gun owners look as bad as the criminals at times. This is not very helpful!

The useless politicians, eager to make a place for themselves see this as am easy target and as the
police and home office here in the UK have all our details on their computer system we are an easy target
for their high-publicity knee-jerk/politically motivated poor decisions.and every year or so we, the NON-
CRIMINAL gun owners, are forced to jump through more and more hoops, and having to pay ever increasing
amounts for the fallout from useless decisions that the police and politicians burden us with.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm all in favour of stopping the armed robbers, murderers, and thieving
low-life bastards. but not at all in favour of innocent people being targetted to further the political
carrers of short sighted / ill-advised / under-funded / overpaid / lazy / in-efficient / non-qualified
public servants. Some / many of whom may have their own agenda, and may not be working for the publics
best interest. and if you've read my P-Page you will know what I think of the political types who burden
us innocent people with laws that have no-impact on the criminals actually committing the crimes!

With five to ten years in prison being the set time, and the vast majority of gun owners/users being
law abiding individuals, we are being driven away from somthing which can be any combination of..
Hobby, social event, past-time, business, or trade. I know many good target pistol shots who have either
given up, or are now forced to travel to other European countries to practice. This land of ours
once bred and trained some of the worlds best shots, be it with a shotgun, a rifle, a pistol, or bow.

When election time comes around again, and your candidate knocks on your door asking for you to allow him
to represent your interests in parliament. you can either tell him you're an anarchist and to fuck-off, or
ask where he stands on this issue, and if you do vote, don't vote for anyone who is not working for your best
interests. They are there on your behalf, to speak for you. Ultimately most politicians are corrupt scheeming
power-hungry types. But that's another story.

2019 Sarah B / Planet-Tharg