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Rant-Mode, and a bit of politics for you...

There are way too many of these in the wrong hands, Let's face it, if they are treated with respect
and handled safely they are a useful tool, and can provide you with food. If you have the patience
and can find local farmers and other land-owners with rabbit, pigeon, deer, and fox problems, you
can do some pest-control work, they can provide you with an income. They can be a source of fun
and relaxation if you shoot at targets, be it on a range at your local club, or on your own property.

The gangland culture, and inner-city delinquents are giving good honest gun owners / users a bad
name, and as the police and home office here in the UK have all our details on their computer
system we are an easy target for their high-publicity knee-jerk/politically motivated poor decisions.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm all in favour of locking up the armed robbers, murderers, and thieving
low-life bastards. but not at all in favour of innocent people being targetted to further the political
carrers of short sighted / ill-advised / under-funded / overpaid / lazy / in-efficient / non-qualified.....
public servants. some / many of whom may have their own agenda, and may not be working
for the best, or the public interest. There are a few organizations who do fight for the rights of
gun owners / uses. These societies and organizations need our support! I am a member of the
sportsman's association. They, and The Gun Trade association, have helped us out in court in the
past when the crown prosecution service tried to prosecute an easy target, rather than a real criminal!

With five to ten years in prison being the set time, and the vast majority of gun owners/users being
law abiding individuals, we are being driven away from somthing which can be any combination of..
Hobby, social event, past-time, business, or trade. I know many good pistol shots who have either
given up, or are now forced to travel to other European countries to practice. This land of ours
once bred and trained some of the worlds best shots, be it with a shotgun, a rifle, a pistol, or bow.

When election time comes around again, and your candidate knocks on your door asking for you to
allow him to represent your interests in parliament. Ask where he stands on this issue, and don't vote
for anyone who is not working for your best interests. They are there on your behalf, to speak for you.


Based very closely on the VZ26, a Czech design, this is a .303 BREN gun. The differances between this
and the VZ26 were based on the fact that the 303 is a rimmed round. It therefore needed a more curved
magazine to acommodate the smaller stack radius, and various internal modifications to allow the 303 to
feed, load, fire, and eject.

Later, after NATO decided thet we needed to use the same ammo as our other NATO buddies, they
were made in the 7.62nato (308win) which is very similar ballistically to the 303. The 7.62 however
has a recessed-rim so requires a less-curved magazine. An interesting piece of evolution, as the original
chambering of the VZ26 was the rimless 7.92mm mauser round.

Large capacity drum magazines were made for the anti-aircraft version of the .303 BREN. I have not
seen any for the 7.62 round. The BR in BREN is for BRNO and the EN for ENFIELD

(c)2009 Sarah B / Planet-Tharg