H is for.... hArRY.

Harry, 1965-1984-2010-2019...

aka S-Bluck, T-Frey, Sam-The-Dog, Ra, Plastic-bag, The mole.

In the early/mid 1980's, having spent about five years fault-finding, and designing computer systems
and other electronic devices..... I had a serial terminal, and a modem. And also a very nice (but odd)
Western Digital computer system. a Pascal Microengine! I began by dialling into various BBS systems,
and university sites. I had a login at the university of kent, even though I was never a student there!
On a few occasions I set a dialler running covering whole blocks of mostly London based telephone numbers,
looking for a modem to squeak to me! and when one did, I noted the number.

Later on in my work-life I was at the Stock Exchange in Threadneedle St and Christopher St in London,
MGT / J.P.Morgan. An American bank based in the city, opposite the stock Exchange and also in Stratford.
Lloyds and many other financial houses. Also LLoyds Register Of Shipping in Fenchurch St, on the corner of
Lloyds Avenue. These were "prime customers/targets" I was young, and keen to explore! making a few notes
as I traveled through. My official work took me into the computer rooms, cable access voids, comm's rooms,
under the mainframe computer-room floors, up above the false ceilings, and into the heating ducts, the UPS rooms,
stand-by generator rooms.. You name it, I was probably in there at some stage with my note pad!

Enough said, for now. More on this in about ten years time when I'm less likely to be nabbed...

(c)2019 S Bluck / Planet-Tharg