H is for.... hArRY.

Harry, 1965-1984-2010...

Having spent close to four years fault-finding, and designing computer systems and
other electronic devices..... I had a serial terminal, and a modem. Also a nice
Western Digital computer system. I began by dialling into various BBS systems,
and university sites. I had a login at the university of kent, even though I was
not a student there! On a few occasions I set a dialler running covering whole
blocks of mostly London based telephone numbers, looking for a modem to squeak
to me! and when one did, I noted the number.

Later on in life I was to work at the Stock Exchange in London, MGT/J.P.Morgan.
(an American bank based in the city, and also in Stratford East London). Lloyds,
and many other financial houses and "prime customers/targets" I was making a few
notes as I traveled through. My official work took me into the computer rooms, cable
access voids, comm's rooms, under the floors, into the heating ducts, the UPS rooms,
stand-by generator rooms.. You name it, I was probably in there at some stage with
my note pad!

Enough said, for now. More on this in about twenty years time..!

(c)2009 Sarah B / Planet-Tharg