P is for politics/police/parasites (etc...)

update 05/19
Our system of government here in the UK is a farce. We pay politicians to represent us and
yet the many of them have no real intention of doing much other than taking all that they can
out of it and by using their influance, police and where they can get away with it, the army,
to force anyone who wishes to complain into submission. They even use those who protest against
them, against each other.

The entire system is one that seeks to maintain control by thier means at all costs with no regard
to the sufferings of the population. And the perpetuation of the class system.

Let's turn this system of control around. Those who have issues with the government and would like
reasonable changes to benefit the population as a whole need to work together to achieve their goals.


I positively hate the benefits system. It seems to be staffed locally by small-minded petty beurocrats
who like to bully and control. Well you bunch of sick scumbags. I hope you all die in pain. I have no time
for you.
Oh don't think I am against a system that allows people who need some help to get it. No. I think that if
you need help you should get it. but it's often best to deal witht his locally rather than through top-heavy
shit-stacks like the benefit's system.

Landlords, Property, and greed. (is property = Theft?)....

A friend recently commented that she was chatting to a colleage about his portfolio of properties,
and that he would soon be a multi-millionaire. Why does society hold these thieving land-lords in such
high esteem? These people theough thier greed, by owning multiple properties and letting them out at the
highest possible rent attainable are forcing those of us who work hard and try to survive into poverty.
It's a very sad state of affairs when the non-employed have thier rent paid and landlords let-out property
at the maximim amount that the state will pay to benefits claimants. I have been self employed for many
years and I really could't dream of being able to pay 700+ for rent of a property. I just don't ever
earn that much. Yet landlords let out properties and use the over-charged rent to secure mortgagues
on other properties, adding more and more to thier filthy greed. All the time those who work hard are
not given benefits, and whenever we try to ask for help we are treated like thieves, No help for us with
rent or bills. This is modern slavery.

In a similar way the leasehold / short lease system is very similar to slavery too. As an example.
If you were to buy a short lease on a property you will, if the lease is less than 20 years, not be able
to recieve any financial help for rent / rates / council-tax. And your landlord will charge you rent every
year which is often thousands. Also the value of your lease would decrease every year. This is the
situation so many poor workers and low-income self-employed people find themselves in. I recommend that
all property owning landlords should have all but one of thier properties taken away. And that these
recovered properties be made available to those who need them most.

Is property = Theft? If the property is land, homes, work-spaces etc.. then most certainly YES.


I am not generally the kind of person who will see anybody suffer. But if I ever get a chance
to see a police officer in pain begging for help and an ambulance I am now getting to the
stage where I will willingly just stand there and watch as they suffer in front of me.

If you even try to complain about the activities of these bullying pigs you find yourself
met first by a wall seperating you from them. Then a barrage of questions so they can be
sure of noting your attitudes, both real and imagined on their database. And then a referal
to a totally non-independant methord of self-investigation. The system in place to police the
police reminds me of the system the nazi's had to protect themselves and to justify their
corrupt system. Whenever I see a police-servant now I have no respect for them. They have
let me down way too often. and I object to funding them. If anyone steals from me I will
deal with them and it won't be pretty. If anyone attempts to bully me I will fight back.
the police are no more than a bunch of sub-human button-pushing, form-filling parasites.
Most of whom seem to have been bullied at school, or earlier in their life. So now think
that thay should be able to get away with pushing us normal / ordinary people about. Well
the answer is no. If you have joined the police to become a bullying bastard in my opinion
you should be sacked. If you are in the police service and you break any law you should be
dealt with more severely than anybody else. You want respect. Bloody well earn it! the rest
of us have to. You scumbags are supposed to be a shining example to the rest of society. Not
a get-away-with-it club for bullying retards and fuckwits.


This is a sick system. not led by example as a good system should be. But run at
arms length by layers of filth and corruption. We live in a society formed rather
like a rotting onion, with the majority of the population crammed together in the core.
Then layer after layer of bureaucracy and control until the thin and sparsely populated
upper layers are reached. occupied by those who pull the strings of the puppets
below. Who tell the government to tell the bosses, then the management and finally YOU.

Representation. Many of us who dis-like the present system of governmental-control
just refuse to take any part in playing the system. We are often not willing to vote
this is often as we dis-like being on the big-brother database. and we would rather
be outside the system. This is all very well. I was well out of the system myself
for many years. BUT I also believe that you should beat the thieves skull in
with his own crowbar. That is to make a point of voting for the least-worse option
of political control. Vote for biggest change, Vote for disruption, vote for the party
that will allow your other methods to either continue or be more effective. tools are there
they won't destroy the system, but may help to change it enough and weaken it.

If you would rather not let the electoral registration database people have your
current address, or are moving from location to location on an ad-hoc basis find
a friend willing to let you register at their address. and if you don't fancy
voting in person let someone you trust sort out a postal vote on your behalf.

Hell, if everyone who could vote did so, and decided to make a change. The system
would have to take notice!

Our society needs to be far more like an orange. Groups of people working living
together in self supporting communities. looking after their own problems and having
a thin and non obtrusive layer of control in place to deal with those links to other
outside elements that are better controlled as a whole, And those who are elected by
our communities to represent us should not assume that they are better or any more
valuable or important than the community they represent. To keep this in check.
It should be an honour to be allowed to represent your community. and it should be your
first duty to do the best you can for the people you represent. Any loyalty to a
political party should be low on your list or priorities as your community's representative.

How many politicians too are in the business of putting their own needs above those of the
people they are supposed to represent? I firmly believe that No M.P.,public sevant, police-
officer/commander, manager etc.. should earn significantly more than those who they represent
manage or serve. It is this sick empire building, this mad need to take more and more from
those who really need it. That it destroying our freedoms and turning this country into a
hate-filled society which is following the evil path towards facism.
I believe that those who govern, Politicians, MPs, and the vast majority of other elected
persons should not only have their pay kept to those levels, But should also not be allowed
to make a career of it. One or two terms in office and then not able to be re-elected for
a period. I don't just mean given another similar job. I think that any person who wishes
to govern or lead, should also spend an equal time being govorned and lead. This will give
these people, who are after all paid for and servants of the citizens of this country. A good
chance of becoming more balanced and reasonable individuals. I also believe that any elected
representative should be a resident of the community that they are supposed to represent!
I believe that the existing structure. Where the majority of the population work hard and
pay for the luxuries of the minority, governing-class, who then support the upper-class and
royalty is a defective system. I do not believe that any form of upper-class or royalty should
be allowed to exist. And I believe that all those who choose to govern should have their motives
examined. and should be very aware of the struggles and hardships of life for the rest of us!

kings, queens, princes and thieves....

The royal family are a bunch of parasitic leaches. They suck the life-blood from the country
all of the properties and funds they posess should be taken from them and used for the good of
the population. There is no need for royalty in this modern age. in any sensible world they would
all be criminals, Shot at dawn for stealing, for tax-evasion, for treating the people who worked
fought, and gave everything for thier country like total crap. I don't want to know about any
parasitic bloody princess. they are all a total waste of good breathing air. Be a good citizen,
die for my profit, and have a nice shiney medal in exchange for your legs, arms, and life...

This really needs to end very soon. There is no place in any society for any sick self preserving
inherited wealth system that assumes power through the control of others and the theft from the
population of land and money. These royal scum-bags expect respect and place themselves above the
rest of us. they feed off of our work and livess. They are a cancer, they are destroying mutating
and need to be cut out of the system as quickly as possible. Some would say that they are a valuable
part and bring wealth to the country. This is a joke isn't it! The royal family are the biggest
money-pit in this country. They own most of the property and are no more than thieving scum landlords.


Always complain. and I don't just mean make a phone call or write a letter. When I say always
complain when someone who should be working for you lets you down. I mean go through life ready to
gather evidence. keep your camera or phone handy. a pen and notepad too. Know your rights. and use
the words and attitudes of those who seek to oppress you against their bosses. Never give in
to a bully, never allow someone to command you They should ask and be reasonable.

Never allow those who assume a position in society to take advantage of it by keeping any other person
at any disadvantage. we are all equal here. And if some bully-boy bastard wants to force you around
give them a good hard kick in the balls, and remind them that they are just a low-life

Control of media.

Those who control the media control the thoughts and deeds of the population. This is no small thing.
Once you get yourself embedded in someone's brain by controlling what they see on their televisions and
read in the popular newspapers, you will find you can manipulate their actions and get them to work for you.

By keeping the population fed with boobs on page three, Celeb's, sports, and soap-drivel they will be
hooked and follow the words and attitudes of those they see to be their peers. Those in control feed the
easily-led people adverts for crap they don't need and make them feel like they have a say in their
destiny. All the time knowing that they are just feeding monkeys bananas and nuts and keeping them in a
work-tax-rent-bills cage.

By keeping the non-thinking, content with their lot in life, and too busy to think for themselves they are
then free to feed your brains with the lies that will lead you to be tolerant if not happy with a life of
paying landlords, going cold and hungry, and keeping busy working in a dead-end job giving your time and
paying tax to a system that is interested in not only skimming off the cream, but then pissing in the bottle
and then expecting to be thanked for being so generous.

We need to take control. And I don't just mean getting a few leaflets or magazines printed while the police
and security services watch you, read your e-mails, text messages, and tap your phones. I mean real media control.
At least one national daily newspaper, Radio stations and at least one national television channel. This should
be our goal. With this our point will be at least available to the population. And rather than the occasional clip
or line telling how protesters disrupted attacked and were kept in place by a wonderful police and government. We
would hear the truth about police violence, abuse of power bullying tactics. and how and why their chief-officers
need to be kicked up the arse for forgetting who they should be working for.
For as long as the media is led by those with a vested interest in perpetuating the rather top-biased system there
can be little or no real freedoms for any of us.


Back in the 90's I was earning so much money I didn't know what to do with it. The tax
man had his cut too. All my bills were paid and I owed nothing. Today I still owe nothing
and for many years I have made a point of surviving in my own way. I have not paid any tax
for about 15 years. Why? I refuse to fund a corrupt goverment, a semi-facist police service,
and I believe that the diesel and electricity I pay for is more than funding any burden I am
on the "system"

You may not think that this is fair, You may well believe that I am some kind of benefits
claiming fraudster. Well you're wrong! When I stopped full-time work I was earning between
25,000 and 42,000 a year. There was plenty of overtime and plenty of money. I became self-
employed and earned "very little". Then I finally gave up all pretence of working at all and
just went into my survival-mode. Earn, Pay-bills, Buy food/fuel, etc.. but borrow nothing.

Am I an angry bitter person? No actually I am not. I have a great life and there are many
things I enjoy. I have friends and interests. But I will not tolerate any person who takes
money for a service they fail to privide. And the more they take, and the less they do for
their pay. The more I hate them.
Am I alone in thinking that us normal prople are getting a really poor deal in life?

Time to rise-up, time to tell them that they are not gods, they are not all-powerful. Re-claim
your right to natural-justice. and always complain when a public-servant let's you down or
fails to realise that YOU ARE THE BOSS...