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Pirate Propaganda and subversion for a better world.
In these times of increased radicalism, it seems that pirate radio could be very easily
used as a valuable tool by the protest-groups to gain support for actions. 

Anyone want an experienced radio engineer,   I'm here...    Tee Hee...

Some of you will know of the TOR RADIO project that we're part of.  ( ). This is a political
pop-up-pirate. and since 2018/2019 becoming more so. The station appears on one or more HF channels, and also on 
VHF-FM and Medium Wave. The programmes are not scheduled, and there is no fixed broadcast-plan, definately no play-list!

The objective is to broadcast music/anarchist ideas to anyone who listens. The feed for this station is an audio-
stream that runs when needed, and links from studios. the possible broadcast times are obscure and appear on the website. Some of the political / anti-government programmes (called the RANTS) are re-broadcast by a
few other stations (generally other pirates) here in the UK and overseas too. The feed from the studio / streamer used
for the broadcasts is almost a secret, a maze must be followed through the Harrys-playground etc..
to access this unless you are the station operators/engineers. This is done as there is a limit to the number of
connections this port can handle, so only a dozen or so at a time can use the feed.

Any comments to TOR Radio at "Info-at-Torradio-dot-org"

Over the past few years (since the 2019 radicalisation) listeners can send in programmes for broadcast/added to the
rants page for use by others.   There is a link on the TORradio website for this, and also in 2021 a link to some
of the music played also has a link on the TORradio page.  http://www.TORradio.ORG

Music releases. albums etc can also be sent to the station via an address in KENT UK.