qq22.net (info page) updated 31/Jan/2021
qq22.net Is a development network, data-store for projects, and the datasheet-archives.
Most of the on-line hosting has been "farmed-out" but it also still runs locally on the Home-network
Here it's used as part of the internal project development platform. for audio-projects, and for FUN!

The local servers are now used for qq22.net / OES-Engineers internal projects. And the audio archives
Old and new projects, the datasheet-archives, PDF-archives and for the recording/editing studio providing
the audio to the "Jobell.co.uk", and "TOR-radio".(Torradio.org) web-pages.

There are still a few Sun Microsystems servers here, but most of the file storage and archives is now on
the micro-power servers running ubuntu. These are mostly isolated from the internet and just one link
is used to update the on-line version, and as a hidden link in the "Harry's Playground" site.
The power consumption of the local network has reduced by about 80 percent over the past 7 years even with
the VOIP servers running and handling over 10,000 connections for that part of the development-network.

The operating systems in use here have been mostly linux since 1998, with BSD, UNIX, solaris and
also MS-Win on some systems to allow non-linux software to be used.

A few interesting things to see!

Old Computers Processors Datasheets