Computer Rooms
updated 31_Jan_2021
Donations of redundent business systems, mini-computers, and mainframes welcome

Take a look at the links below to see or read about some of the old systems either here or now re-housed. The
last time I counted there were over forty of them!. Most of the systems which are still here are on the house-
network, Some of them are being tested and repaired and will be shipped out to computer museums, collectors, Or,
other people who can either use, or look after them. I prefer the systems to be used, or displayed rather than
being stripped for spares. In the case of newer/Larger systems it's sometimes not possible, so I may occasionally
let disc drives, tape drives or other parts go to help maintain other systems.

NetFRAME 450 pdp8/e pdp 11/34 pdp 11/24 VAX 11/750 MicroVAX II VaxStation 3100 m38 VaxStation 3100 m76
Dec 3000/600 AXP VAX Station 4000 VLC DecStation 5000/133 DECmate II Sun 3/60 Sun 3/80 sparc  1 sun  IPC
sun  IPX sparc  4 sparc  5 sparc 10 sparc 20 ultra 10 Netra T1125 Hewlett Packard 9830
R.M.L. 380Z Intel I.P.D.S. I.C.L. DRS-400 Eurocards ampro Z80 ITT 3290 Prime EXL316 Sequent symmetry S81
Sequent 88 LAS rifs 3 OS  Laptop! Linux Fileserver Sun Netra T1/AC200 Sun Netra T1/105 SUN BLADE 1000 SUN Ultra Enterprise 450