R.M.L. 380Z Z80 cp/m system

(update 28-12-01)

Z80 based CP/M system made in 1981 has a pair of S.S.S.D disc drives which were only just better than using cassette tapes for program storage. (about 74K each if I can remember correctly...) One of these, was the first real computer I ever used. We had two of them at our school just before I left. Before that, We used fortran by posting decks of mark-sense cards. off to the local university, and waiting for the results to be posted back which was often a week later, and an error code.

With this kind of system actually on the desk in front of you, it speeded up the whole process of program writing and de-bugging.

This system has now gone to a computer collector in Germany who will be looking after it for the remainder of it's years. I sent it out with bootable discs for cp/m and a few utilities too.