Toshiba laptop running CP/M86 DOS & LINUX

Update April 2008. And it's still running with no problems...

I picked this laptop up very cheaply as it's only a 100MHz pentium with not-
much memory, and no C.D. drive. I was using it with SuSE linux for a few
months with no problems. But as I was doing some work with CP/M I thought
I'd try to get the system to dual-boot. And as I also use some dos programs for data
logging I thought I'd add dos too! (triple boot laptop!)

First I re-partitioned the H.D. to give me 8MB of space for the CP/M86 system. the
install from a single H.D. floppy went well, and was very fast. Next I loaded up the
dos in another small partition. I loaded up some basic and the data logging stuff too.
The rest of the drive I used for SuSE linux. I loaded this over the network from the
redhat-linux fileserver here, As the laptop doesn't have a C.D. drive. I used the SuSE
configuration tool YaST to set all three partitions as bootable. Now at the lilo prompt I
I can either type cpm, dos, or leave it to autoload linux.

The Laptop
Running cp/m86
Running DOS
And running SuSE Linux