Digital Micro VAX II (MicroVAX 2)

One of the two MicroVAX II systems to arrive here in 2004. One really good one was built up from
the pair and then we found it a good home. As with many of the systems here, we get them going
and then pass them on to collectors or museums to be looked after for the remainder of thier lives.
The spare parts left over. (see pictures below). Were sold off at a very low price to fund some work
needed on some other machines here.

Typically it isn't really worth selling a VAX / Microvax system as the shipping costs far out
weigh the sale price of these, or most other old systems. The parts below, a CPU card, serial
interface, disc interface and power supply sold for less than 40 pounds sterling. Enough to fund
the streamer tape drive for an ICL. system that arrived shortly after.