pdp8/e system

This sytsem came to visit in April 2001. It's a digital (DEC) pdp8/e. It's got 24kB of core memory RS232 and 20mA serial ports and some parallel I/O. It was being used by GEC to run some of their Automatic Test Equipment in Staffordshire U.K. I collected the system and some manuals/disc packs and had the system up and running in a couple of days. The console device I'm using is a Data Dynamics teletype. I also have a vintage TEC400 serial terminal for the system.
This system has now gone to a computer engineer in Baker Street London.

It's got a REAL comsole!.. (one with lamps and switches)

As you can see it's full of cards, The ones with the green jumpers on top are the memory units. There are four 4k sets, and one 8k set (total 24kb)

And there are a few manuals/printsets for it too, also some paper tape.

The teletype terminal I'm using here is a Data Dynamics 303 It works well on the tty port of the system.

There are also quite a few RK05 disc packs for the system. many of which are bootable. As you can see below, I even have an alignment pack for the drives.