Prime EXL316

update 19-aug-2007
This is a Prime EXL316.
Its based on an Intel single board computer. The processor is an 80386 with an 80387 running at
16MHz. the system has 4MB of memory and a small SCSI disc drive. Backups and software
loading is done through the 60MB QIC drive shown at the top of the system. The tape streamer
has a slight fault, and is now in need of repair. The system is otherwise in very good working order.

It's running UNIX V ver 3.1 (prime EXL operating system)
Model Number     = SFB 10068-007
Serial Number    = PR 443
CPU Card Number  = SBC 386100PP04W (intel)
                   ESA 10289-006H
Firmware (U6,U7) = PRM 10227-001
    16 bit Eprom = 453814-001
Memory Board     = PBA 148772-005   SBC MM04
Serial/SCSI unit = PBA ESA 10248-001A

If you have any prime computer hardware you no-longer have any use for, I would be
willing to collect it, and give it / find it a good home. from 50 series to EXL and later....