London Ambulance Service R.I.F.S. system.

update 28_apr_08

This system was used by the London Ambulance Service at the time of their complete system failure back in the 90's.. (remember? dead bodies, ambulances 24hrs late!)

It wasn't this poor system's fault though, In fact this bit of the over- complex dispatch system worked very well throughout, the problems and gave information to the controllers while the rest of the system had it's problems...

It was supplied by a company called Solo Electronics, it's a 68020 based system with 26 serial RS232 ports on the back. Originally connected to the radio system and it's database, modems, landlines, terminals etc.

The system identifies itself as L.A.S. RIFS on a terminal connected to the console port.

I'm on the look out for VME scsi and ethernet cards and some more VME memory. I'd like to get some unix running on this system.