Sequent S81 Multi-Processor Minicomputer

I went off to a University in Staffordshire U.K. to pick up a tape drive, hard disc drive and an old sun workstation. The head of the computer science department begged me (almost) to come back and collect a couple of other systems. they were a pair of Sequents. a small Sequent 88 and the Big S81. I came back a couple of days later with some help and a van. The S81 was brought back and parked in the kitchen. It was got working over the next year. it has (had) 160MB of RAM, 8 600MB eight inch discs, 12 processors 12 co-processors, 9-Track magtape, QIC streamer drive, 3 ethernet ports, 3 scsi ports, And 96 RS232 serial ports, attached via a seperate multibus computer system in the base of the rack. I had the system up and running DYNIX a unix operating system for the Sequent.
I offered the system as a working unit to the computer preservation society, and to anybody else who could make use of it but I had no takers. I donated the Drives, Memory, Processors etc to other Sequent owners (Free Of Charge) to up-grade their systems. So the system has helped a few other S81's live for a few more years.