Sequent S88 dynix box

This is one of the Two  Sequent systems to come here  it's a Sequent S88
it uses a pair of Intel 80386 processors and was quite interesting to play
with.  I had 12 processors, and 12 maths co-pro's in there at one time!
(In picture 1, the S88 is the box under the printer on the right)
Also in the picture you can see my Panasonic KXP4450 laser printer, the linux (redhat) file server, a compaq portable II, and the 5Volt P.S.U. from my vax 11/750
This system has only two processors, 48 RS232 ports, one ethernet port, and one scsi port, a baby compared to the S81 I collected from the same place.

This system has now been donated to a sequent user who was going to build one really good system out of the pair of them! (good luck)