Computer Rooms
updated 5_Dec_2009
Below are picture-links which will take you to some of the processors I have either worked with, used, designed hardware
for, written software for, modified or hacked the device or system containing, or found and fixed the faults around...

8080 8085 amd 8086 intel 80c196 8088 8040 8742 / 8748 8051
cypress/ross sparc Sun/Fujitsu sparc Sun SuperSparc SM51 MicroSparc II ross hyper-sparc Sun UltraSPARC Sun Ultra Sparc II
DEC J-11 DEC Tiny11 KA630  DEC 21064 HP  PA risc amd 29000 amd 29030 AMD 29040
NS32016 z80 Z180 68000 68020/68030 68040/68340 1802
Microchip PIC Motorola MX1 Motorola 6805 intel 80188 intel i960 6303 6502 PowerPC

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