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updated 08_Jul_2008
Some of the processors I've worked with over the past thirty years...

The 6303

Hitachi 6303 processor
Hitachi HD63A03YP
key_trunking board
Hitachi HD63A03YP
This is a 63A03 processor. I've worked on a few machines using them, The one pictured
above is in a trunking board fitted to Kyodo (also labeled as Key and Digital) band III
VHF radios. I bought the official programming kit (software and cable), and a service manual
for the radio from Key. This didn't include the details of the trunking board, so I had to
draw my own circuit diagram for that. As I needed to get the radio to do a few other things,
Not possible with the normal firmware. I bought the full data book from Hitachi for the 6303.
My key band three sets were 200 channel at 200 MHz not using conventional trunking, and used on
a private radio network based in London/South-East between 1992 and 1996.

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