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updated 23_Oct_2007
Some of the processors I've worked with over the past thirty years...

The 68000

MC68000P10 - MC68000R10 - MC68EC000FN12

The motorola 68000 series of processors, These started with the 8MHz D.I.L. packaged cpu. and a pin-grid
version followed. These have 32 data bits internaly, and 16 externally, and a 20 bit address bus. The
registers are 32bit. They have a user/supervisor mode, and can operate with the 68881 and 68882 FPU.

I first used the 68000 in the mid 1980's running cp/m 68k. on a rack-mounted system with a pair of eight inch
disc drives. Also, the Wayne-Kerr Artworkers I maintained up until five years ago used an Eltek VME card
as a high speed graphics sub-processor with an 8MHz 68000 driving a "pluto palette" RGB graplics system.
these were used for multi-layer printed circuit board layout and plotting, and have now been replaced by PCs

I have used / repaired / fault-found many 68000 based systems, mostly running the unix operating system. Good fun.

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