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updated 27_Sep_2007
Some of the processors I've worked with over the past thirty years...

The 68020 and 68030

MC68020RC20E & MC68030RC25B

The 68000 was followed by the 68010 and the 68020 in the early-mid 1980's and the 68030 in 1987.
These added support for virtual memory, They Brought the full 32bit data bus, and now a 32bit address bus
out on extra pins, Added a memory management unit, and can operate with the 68881 and 68882 FPU.

I had an ICL DRS400 system running unix with a 68020 and 68881 FPU. It was a lovely machine to use, but I
found maintaining it was almost impossible due to the lack of spares. So I went on to systems I could get parts for.

The sun 3/80 is my favorite 68K system of all time, it is 68030 based with an FPU, Masses of memory, SCSI discs.
and runs either SunOS/Solaris, BSD or linux. I still prefer it with the early Solaris and sunview / openwin.

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