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updated 27_Sep_2007
Some of the processors I've worked with over the past thirty years...

The 68040 and 68340

MC68040RC25 & MC68340RP16

In the early 1990's came the 68040. This had the Floating Point Unit on-board, and an improved bus structure
with on-board cache. A very good processor, Also shown here is the 68340.

I did some work in the early/mid 1990's on 68040 based test equiptment, and I was working with the MC68340FE16
from 1990-1992 and found it an awkward device to work with, and to fault-find around. Especially in it's surface-mounted
variant, when crammed onto a small multi-layer board with all of the memory, interface and support devices around it.
the 68340 in that instance also had a 64180 sub-processor as a data translator/emulator.

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