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updated 8_Jul_2008
Some of the processors I've worked with over the past thirty years...

The 8031 and 8051

intel 8051 and a Philips 8051
intel 8051E

These followed the earlier 8048. Had a more useable instruction set, eight 8-Bit registers. A very common
processor to find used in embedded control applications. Fruit machines. terminals, mobile 'phones etc.
The 8031 is an 8051 without any internal rom. The 8051E is the version used in intel's 8051 emulator pod as
used with the IPDS and other systems. See the IPDS section of this webpage for more info

A nice micro-controller. I spent several years working on systems based on these. And found fault-finding
them a quite easy task. I worked with these for a couple of customers, who stuck with them mainly for historical
reasons. I guess, if it works, and you can still get the parts, carry on with it! An easy to use/de-bug workhorse.
My old Intel I.P.D.S. has the software tools and emulator pod for working with these devices.


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