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updated 28_oct_2008
Some of the processors I've worked with over the past thirty years...

The 8080

1979 AMD8080A

National-Semiconductor INS8080AN

Russian 8080 clone made in 1988.

The 8080 followed the 8008 in 1972. It had a 16 bit address bus and an 8 bit data bus.
Internally it had seven 8 bit registers, six could be paired, and used as 16 bit registers.

I can remember this processor from my early days in the business. It was often used in the
early space-invader type computer games, and cp/m business computer systems, like the S100 based
North Star Horizon etc. I can remember working on 8080 based video games, all those lovely 2708's !
These processors needed multiple supply rails too. and used external interface and clock generators
This was the era when having five supply rails was quite common. +/-5 +/-12 +24. The +24 was used
mainly by some of the 8-inch disc drives which were common in this era.


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