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updated 23_Oct_2007
Some of the processors I've worked with over the past thirty years...

The 8085

intel, AMD & siemens 8085

8085 IBM magtape drive
Siemens 8085 on an IBM 1/2" magnetic tape control board made in 1988.

This processor followed the 8080, and replaced it in some applications. It had the clock generator, and
bus-controller on board, Needed only a single 5 volt supply rail, and added a couple of new instructions
Found many uses, terminals, disc/tape-drives, communications devices and mobile telephones. etc...

These were used on some of the products I was working on for GEC in the late 1980's. some of the
systems had these, and also an 8051 or 8049 on the same card. one processor ran the display and keyboard
and the other was running a high precision analogue to digital converter attached to a mechanical force-motor

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