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updated 5_Nov_2007
Some of the processors I've worked with over the past thirty years...

The Sun SuperSparc II

501-2239 SM30 (36MHz) - 501-2219 SM40 (40MHz) - 501-2352 SM51 (50MHz with cache)

Although most of my present sun systems are now UltraSparc / UltraSparc-II based, I still have some
SuperSparc systems here with these M-bus cards. Amongst these are the SparcStation 20 systems a
SparcServer 1000, and a SparcServer 690MP. Of these, the SS20 systems, and the SS1000 use SuperSparc
processors. while the SS690MP has a Ross/Cypress dual-processor board fitted. The M-Bus system allows
the easy up-grading or replacing of the processor, In some cases a later firmware revision is available to
allow a newer processor to be used in an early system. These are often required when using Ross boards.

The SS20's here use SM71 processors, or Ross 150MHz hypersparc boards. The SparcSERVER1000 uses
four 85MHz superSPARC boards, two on each of it's mother-boards.

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