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updated 5_Dec_2009
Some of the processors I've worked with over the past thirty years...

The Sun UltraSparc and UltraSparc II

UltraSparc_cpu UltraSparc_kit
200MHz UltraSPARC cpu. (as used in the Ultra2)
UltraSparc_II_cpu UltraSparc_II_pads
UltraSparc_II_in_base UltraSparc_II_base heatsink_kit
SUN UltraSparc II (360MHz) (as used in the Ultra60/Netra 112x)
Shown above, with the heatsink, fitting kit, and base.

SUN UltraSparc II (400MHz) (as used in the Ultra 60)

UltraSparc UltraSparc
SUN UltraSparc IIi (440MHz)

UltraSparc_II_cpu UltraSparc_II_cpu
SUN UltraSparc IIe (500MHz) as used in the Netra t1-200.
Most of my present sun systems are now UltraSparc based, They include ultra 10
Ultra60, Netra t1-105, t1-200, and t1125 systems. the t1125's are Basically Ultra 60's
in a screened rack-mountable enclosure primarily designed for telco providers.
They are also used for web applications, and the t1-105, t1-200 and t1125 systems
here are used in that role, as ftp, dns, and apache web servers.

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