How it all got started,  2009 - 2019  The first ten years of TORradio.org
In the beginning there was NOTHING. And then TORradio was born.  OK, Not quite true BUT.....

Many years ago there was a shortwave station called WNKR, Not the USA licenced station, But a UK
hobby-pirate station. Started by two friends Sam the dog, and Dave-Martin. That was back in 1987. 

Occasionally WNKR still pops-up on the mediumwave or shortwave bands broadcast by Sam or DM. 
"This is just old-farts re-living a bit of thier youth" according to Sam the Dog.

By the late 90's Sam the dog had better things to do than play the same old tunes, and went on to 
doing other radio and electronics work...

"WNKR had got very boring just another oldies station. I started working for an HP developer full-
time, building transmitters in my spare time. I lost touch with all the old crew at WNKR by 2000, 
and when I phoned DM in about 2007 he thought I was dead!"

Later after a few years Sam the Dog was head-hunted by a communications company in central-London
and spent the next four years working on some large-area commercial communications systems. for the 
emergency services, government departments, and local councils. "I visited some great TX-Sites during
those years. Rooftops in central London. Crystal Palace, and plenty of others too. Fab Fun"

THEN...  in mid 2009, Bored with the lack of anything even slightly radical on the air,  
 "TOR Radio Glastonbury" was set-up to broadcast radical / anarchist punk music.

Back in the WNKR days,I got DM to modify an old CB for broadcast use. This experiment was a low power 
11-Metre AM  set. with a linear-amp to take the output to about 25 watts. This had too many problems 
to be practical, mainly low output power, poor mod and short inefficient aerial. "I still have some 
photos of this up and running on a hilltop in somerset in the archives. It wasn't a good way of
being heard, but the idea was sound enough." 

Many years later, the idea was re-used. TOR Radio used a 9.3MHz transmitter in the 32 metre band. 
This used a vertical mast 45 feet tall or a half wave di-pole from Somerset. And also tried a long 
wire aerial and ATU shot-over the ruins on Glastonbury tor which coined the station's name.
"Tor Radio Glastonbury" and the website was created. and a glastonbury phone number used
via a VOIP telephone-server in Germany.

"In 2010 and 2011 I was travelling up and down to somerset through Glastonbury once or twice a week,
and the station used a house in the small village of Stogursey as a base. Mains power, internet, phone
all in the same place. Great place to crash out and produce a show or two..."

When the station transmitters were used away from base, they were often powered by large lead-acid 
batteries and had only 20w of output from the small home-made all-transistor transmitters built almost 
totally from scrap. An odd start for a radio station, but a station was born. 

For the next few years the station has popped-up on various bands blasting-out the radical-punk music
and occasionally oldies and WNKR jingles "It was just to make life interesting" says Sam the Dog.

Today, ten years after the TOR radio project started. The station pops-up a few times a month with
it's lineup of anarchist punk. Heavy-Metal and anti-government/Anti-religious political shows called 
"The Rants". "People are lazy and need a good prod sometimes. TORradio.org is the pointy-stick"

The latest broadcasts have also been heard in SSB on the 42/43 metre bands (6940-6995MHz) using a 250W TX. 
As well as the more usual 6200-6400, 3940-3945. Also very occasionally on the 32metre (9175-9400), and 
25metre (11400-11600) bands. But "a lack of suitable places to put sodding great masses of aerial
within linking-distance of the studio." is Sam the dog's reason for not using more than a couple 
of shortwave bands at a time. That and the lack of people interested in getting out at all times of 
the day and night to set-up the kit and put it all away again. 

"Usually, between two and four transmitters are used at once for the pop-up-political programmes and music.
But the recent SSB broadcasts go out on thier own in the early hours. Listners on that band are overseas.
USA and Italy are keen, and plenty of other countries too".

TOR radio calls itself "THE original Pop-Up Pirate station". As it sometimes goes on-air for just 
a few hours then clears-down again. with very short notice to avoid raids and other attention.

"Since 2017, TOR radio has began a far more political/anti-government and agressive stance."

"TOR Radio is in the buisness of pissing people off, and I think that a good job is being done!
If the people from OFCOM and PC-Plod aren't after us the religious nuts and political tossers are"

TORradio.org uses VHF FM and Mediumwave for local programmes. Covering various parts of Kent / Essex.
With 76, 48, 43, 32 metres AM, and SSB for 32 Metre Band shortwave.

Tor Radio now openly invites those with more radical opinions to submit programmes for broadcast.

Occasionally the broadcasts are / have been re-broadcast by other stations using the studio or playlister 
feeds on the "Harry's Playground" anarchist website.

" LISTEN OUT FOR IT.   THIS BITCH WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE "  (Donations are very welcome too).