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(Update= 25/11/2019)
-------S-Bluck  ----   TORradio . org --------
In this society the minority's in charge.
Johnson, corbin and that wanker farage.

These areseholes don't know about our strife.
Three months an MP, and pension for life.

above us the rich. the greedy and royals,
tossers in parliament, and the paid-to-be loyal's.

Preachers, prophets and  greedy users,
they treat us all like a bunch of losers.

god and the church aren't no surprise
Twisted scriptures, religion and lies

we freeze and starve, our children cry.
the hungry and cold left to die.

The rich get richer on the lives of the poor. 
we work and suffer, why should we suffer more.

They pay thier armies, police and court.
About our suffering, they dont give a thought.

They're scum who use media to con us all.
are You a media-led TeeVee-fool ?

It's the workers who work, and the rich who take.
This is the system that we must break.

I'm not a communist, a socialist neither.
They dont support us, charities either.

It's us who work, Us who fight, 
Us who should lead, so let's get it right.

Never take, what you haven't earn't.
allways rely on what you have learn't.

Help those who need it, Plenty do.
one day it's they who may help you!

Don't trust the uniforms. the pigs in blue.
they're all just bastards pinning shit on you.

They photo, record, n' keep databases.
when you go out and protest COVER YOUR FACES.

be proud of yourself and prepared to fight.
We are the majority. and we are right!

it's always wrong To take and be greedy.
to live off the lives of the poor and the needy.

It's the workers who struggle, who come off worst
it's us who earn, who should be first.

I get no benefits or help, I'm no lazy slob. 
I help and work hard, but don't have a job.

We fight, struggle, give-up?  NEVER!
it's work and struggle that brings us together.

-------S-Bluck  ----   TORradio . org --------