I am not sure what bliss really is. Is it a state in which we cease to be? Is it a place where we all are but are unaware of it? Is it somewhere where we reside for a few minutes and hold that thought/feeling/state close to us for as long as we can? Is it a place we reach after a long journey whatever the path may be, and end up in a place which is where one resides alone but at peace with that? I am not sure. I am not really convinced I have any notion what bliss truly is, but I do understand unconditional love and I can now see what is behind it, but I wouldn't say this is bliss, I would say it is a kind of bliss. But then is that right? Am I talking about the true state, one which is shared by many at the same time, one where we are able to feel them as intensely as we can feel ourselves and know they too feel everything we do, including the feel of themselves echoed back? As I think of my horse, the unconditional love I have of him and his total acceptance of me in return is that which I wish I saw in mankind.A state where each person was able to relax within the other, sensing with those inner senses called deep rapport, a state where you do know the thoughts of others because you intuitively know what they are thinking as they do and words become an accompaniment to that gentle dance of communication. Allowing the voices of those who live near me to enter my mind, I sense their emotions and settle back into the stream of information which comes to me from those around. With hearing more acute, I am aware of the birds on the roof, the fox in the walkway beside my home and I smile at the inter-connectivity of life. Yes, I do understand what bliss is; it is a place we can all reside if we choose to. A place where where we could all let down the barriers and let true loving come to us, true communication and true acceptance of ourselves.

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