The stream wells up cleansed water and it flows out over stones, never stopping, never wasting energy on obstructions. It has been purified, so it comes as fresh emotions do, from the well of emotions within the tainted rocks beneath. Bad emotions fall down on us like polluted rain, soaking into the ground and nullifying the cleansing we have just done. It soaks into us like rain drops soaking the ground,sitting in pockets, deep underground only to surface when a chain of events triggers it's release. For us to reach true spirit we have to wash clean our emotions, allowing them to be clear and pure, not holding those rains which come from others who have still to understand how important it is to cleanse. We sink within us and cleanse ourselves of bad thoughts; we ask for help and with guidence clear more of the hidden polluting waters until we reach the point of becoming a spring. Now we are that place where others come to drink; where others come to rest a while and listen to our words, hear our pure emotions and as they pour out their acid rain, we allow it to fall on the open ground between us and them, gently letting the spring course forward and wash away the collecting pools. We watch as they leave us refreshed, we watch as they return and we watch as they too begin their journey of purification of thought and deed. Emotions expressed to others, must be as pure as the spring. Harboured emotions are as poisonous as the rocks beneath, filled with hate, greed, envy, desire. These emotions should be cleansed and left in the pit of obstruction, fit for the demons who claim our tongues and minds in unguarded moments. Allow only original thought and be as good to yourself as you are to those who need your assistance. By forgiving those around you for their uncleansed thoughts and comments, you act as the filter, sending their poisons to the pit of obstruction. The spring brings with it life and sustains that which exists. It supports those who are already polluted and cleanses them. Only through clarity can one speak the true words of healing.

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