I am Thought

I move without vehicle [techniques or studies] save myself. Though evil may swallow me into the bowels of torment [those who tell me I am a fool] I feel not one ounce as I lay absorbed within myself, free from the encumbrance of pain, of need, of denial. I move on the whim of a light and take the leap, dreamt, but not followed. In that split second all eternity passes me by and I collide with others, such as I who too, make the journeys along the highway of light that is Travel. Blackness absorbs the vehicle of thought [one’s mind] which does not see the journey but is aware of the shift. The vehicle must learn to respond to these shifts and read them in that time called Present, even though it equals time cumulative. When the circular motion of time stands still then death follows. Sightless though Thought maybe, it can see [understand] all there is in one blink of an eye; it can see in a way which cannot be measured. Once learned this Travel answers the questions without the need to see, but to accept through the very nature of the self which is but Thought rendered within the vehicle of transport, created for it each lifetime. That vehicle acts like a mirror to many thoughts, but those which prevail will create the vehicle make up and character. In so doing, Thought creates character and character in turn, personality and that in turn, the individual. Thought exists as is, in a pure state, manipulated by vehicle to the detriment of self, who resides within an imperfect shell of life as it is known. The watchers of Thought listen to the conversations of highway traffic and challenge those who travel along it, searching for truths and knowledge. Enter Thought and you enter the clarity of understanding which can only come from the release of self, to allow time away from vehicular matters and return to those of the elevated station within the mind.

All images and texts are © 1992-2022 Jo Bell