In the fulness of a day I have seen storm, drizzle, rain, wind, gale, sun, blue skies, black skies all at once and one at a time. I have seen fields like squares on a quilt laying out to dry. I have felt sadness, deep grief, immense joy, peace, harmony, undone and complete. I have seen falsehood and truth, realism and commercialism, pleasantness and unpleasantness. All one at the same time. I feel part, yet separate, with, yet removed, ordinary, yet very big, very blessed. I move in a time I live in yet only half of me walks there. I look and become absorbed, I stop and feel the pull of other dimensions which flow through me, about me and because of me. I touch and feel an nth dimension untouched by those around me. I watch pseudo-experts believing they are and yet have not truly begun. I see those who would never dare because of what maybe unleashed. To live in this world as part of it and to live outside of this world as whole of it. The imagery of Celtic arts stirs places and peoples known to me, yet not visited in this life-time. To move clearly and see all the paths of the other world. To travel with my guides, to step through the gate to move in the world of light and wisdom. (finding wisdom)

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