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Is This Bliss?

Healing Spring

Winter Thoughts

Circle of Knowledge




All images and texts are © 1992-2005 Jo Bell

It is time to be done, yet undone, the scholar and the pupil. The one who sees and yet is very blind to everything which unfolds. The seven senses function and view the world in parallel to its existence, yet touch that existence with the five. The paradox of being both complete and reborn yet unborn and incomplete brings great joy. The unbirth releases the soul and heart to be free of this age and time whilst the re-birth forgives the past and places it behind. Now, in whatever dimension or tangible form, is the only time which appears relevant. Yet now carries with it connotations of future which are also now. Dimensions shift and with it so does now; a point where time past, present and future intermix and create a fertility peculiar to itself. This point is both creation and destruction, formation and denial, a point which is believed to be the end and yet in truth is only the beginning. How many have journeyed this far only to delay too long in the blissful peace it brings. The higher states pass through this core moving light years in the motion of an eye. To feel the motion of the earth and the lifespan of the wren out of sync yet in perfect harmony. The movement of a hand, the nod of a raven and the stream of consciousness which flows freely in this zone all parallel to the mind, flowing with it, through it, around it all accessible and flexible yet set in the stones of truth. The bulk of a tribe, the minuteness of the wren, all with equal weight, equal understanding. The vastness of the journey contained within the acorn is the sum total of all things yet the sum of nothingness. (finding wisdom)