Step through and move into the colours of the cosmos. See it for all the colours and textures it gives and allow yourself to become a part of it. Allow yourself to expand until the very essence of your being is taken into the heart of the elements which are the source of life. Into this state embrace all around you and escape the state of whole and become non-whole. Allow the particles to scatter you to the very four points of space and feel the expanse within the entities of you. Don't be afraid at the expanse of the state for you are now the size of the cosmos and the size of the atom of the cosmos. The true nature of all things is to be found in this state and if you are brave enough to allow the state of destruction to take over your very being you too will achieve that state where all things become one and the same, for what is there to be aware of except the next stage in the turning of the wheel? Are we not just small specks which live and die and go on in that timeless way of true being? Are we not just one step in the long walk towards the end of all things? Are we not all moving ever closer to the ultimate understanding of that end point when we all move once more into the state of Brahman? Stand with me for a while and you will feel the expanse in me and this is what sets me apart from all the others. I have witnessed that expanse some would call God and I call the understanding. I have reached that state when I realise the end is the same as the beginning and is at the same point in time just moved to one side and in a different dimension. We forget the dimensions around us and move in ever linear lines. Why? because we are unable to understand that the journey is multi- dimensional and that is the beauty of it. As we move forward we leave other aspects of the dimensions untouched only to pull us back at a later stage because we have failed to address them. What is progress but a stilted progression in all directions and yet in none? We are pawns within the game and need to understand how to become the queen. Once we have travelled across the board and claimed our crown then we begin to understand the complexities of what we are attempting to complete. One day we will reach a state when we can stop and marvel at what we now see and what we can do but until we reach this point we continue to stumble around in the dark hoping to make some sort of headway. What sort of direction should we take? Whatever takes our fancy for they all go in the general direction of forward, anything we miss on the way we will no doubt fall over at a later point and wonder why we were so silly as to have missed it the first time. In the wonderful journey of understanding there are many vistas to witness. The day we open the cloak and see nothing but the ball of light and candescence then we can say we have travelled everywhere and gone nowhere.

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