Together we walk in a world of splendour and completion. Together we see beyond the realms to that other world where visitors are welcome and strangers entertained. Where the beasts talk their unspoken secrets and the water truly holds the life of all. As each journey progresses and each page is turned a new experience of completion is made. Together we will journey far and wide and visits all places known and unknown and as each stone is turned the symbols of life will show themselves with clarity. Each stone becomes the source of power and when all the stones rise in obedience true enlightenment will be reached. Each stone laid on each other is a key and each key will have its door. To recognise the stones you must wait for them to sing to you. As they do a call within you will unlock the door and you may pass. The stones are truly your guides and with my help each stone will sing your tune. The sun will rise and so too the moon. When they are clearly seen together you will feel the need to sing to the stones and they will all reply. The magical necklace will light up and you will pass through those gates. I will come with you for I have travelled there many times. When you need advice I will guide you but this is your quest and you will determine the outcome. From your travels the knowledge you hold will complete itself with your understanding, the lines will flow through you, about you and because of you. The web will hum and single souls will once more hear the voice of the stones and unite in that completeness of the wheel. Turn the pages slowly and read what is to be heard, learns the texts for you know them already and set them in your index. When each verse is required it will automatically come. The stones await rejuvenation. at end of clearing.

All images and texts are © 1992-2022 Jo Bell