Winter Thoughts
The calm of wisdom and the dark times lend themselves to retrospect. Dwelling upon this is not wrong as long as lessons are drawn, puzzles solved and openness found. Fly with the eagles and feel the freedom of being. Take flight and roam in all the lands, drinking as you go. The colours and the sounds and sights are but a refresher of once held dreams, of once held reality. Into that shimmering light move with the rhythmn of the rainbows tinselling in the effervescent sky. Feel the dew on your skin and taste the joy of being. In that awareness take hold of the golden light and move into it, taking all hope and fear, all love and adoration. Place all before the well of life and allow yours to drink from it. Taste the sounds, hear the feelings, see the touch of the irridescence and wallow in the rainbow of completion. You should feel the total peace of those who catch the moment and release it like a dove. Move swiftly and lightly not to disturb the leaves. Move quietly and with grace so as to please those who already reside there. You will see their peace, their totality, their light and joining theirs, the harmony will rise,flooding the world with the sound..

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